About Sobi

Sobi is a leading integrated biopharmaceutical company dedicated to bringing innovative therapies and services to improve the lives of rare disease patients and their families. 

Sobi's history

Sobi was formed in 2010 when Biovitrum merged with Swedish Orphan. Biovitrum traces its history back to more than 30 years ago as part of KabiVitrum, later as part of Pharmacia, and since 2001 as its own company. Swedish Orphan started as a niche pharmaceutical marketing company in 1988, specializing in orphan drugs marketing. Sobi brings toghether many years of diverse skills and knowledge of research, manufacturing and marketing. 

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Trade associations

Sobi is a member of the Swedish pharmaceutical industry trade association LIF, guaranteeing high ethics in our operations and at the same time contributing to improved health and quality of life for patients.