Why partner with us?

Sobi Partner Products is fully dedicated to our partnership business model – this is the soul and reason for our existence. 

We trace our history back to 1988 when Swedish Orphan started. Since then, we have created value to our partners and contributed to improved health for patients. 

Our long and broad networks within key therapeutic areas facilitate the introduction of new products. We offer a full range of services, ranging from unlocking the sales potential through our commercial, medical and market access capabilities, to developing and executing on regulatory and pharmacovigilance strategies and requirements.

We take pride in being a nimble and flexible organisation, yet with full European coverage and wholly owned subsidiaries in Russia and Middle East. We have a successful track record also in more challenging areas such as Central and Eastern Europe.

Your product is important to us and it will not disappear in a large big-pharma portfolio. In our 25 years as a niche pharmaceutical company, we have never lost a product due to under-performance.

Carl Belmadani
Vice President, Head of Partner Products

When Exelixis received European Union regulatory approval for our first marketed product, COMETRIQ, we knew we’d need a partner that could maximize the opportunity in the EMEA and related territories while we focused on building our own commercial organization in the United States. We selected Sobi on the strength of their Specialty Care and Rare Disease Partner Model and their demonstrated understanding of the needs of patients, health care providers and payers in the regions they cover. Through our partnership with Sobi, we were able to successfully introduce COMETRIQ to the medullary thyroid cancer clinical community in Europe with minimal commercial risk and without the large-scale direct investment that would’ve been required to establish our own European capabilities and infrastructure. Sobi’s rare disease expertise and commercial presence across the region made them an ideal partner.

Michael M. Morrissey Ph.D. , President and Chief Executive Officer Exelixis, Inc.

I have been very pleased with the working relationship between Gentium and Sobi. Sobi possess all the qualities I look for in a distribution partner – a patient-focused approach, an integrated commercialisation infrastructure, local knowledge and a deep heritage and strong commitment to making medicines available to rare disease patients. Sobi are responsible for managing named-patient requests and achieving pricing and reimbursement approvals for Defibrotide in their territories. Time and time again they have demonstrated their expertise in dealing with life-saving orphan drugs that are not yet approved, but are accessible on a named-patient basis, which is the situation we are currently in. They have a dedicated product manager who is our initial point of contact but I have very good relationships with Sobi senior management. There is a great communication and contact. Our strategy is to always be open and transparent with our partners and Sobi share that value, it is like having an extension of our business that is better operating in their territories than we could ever afford to be.

Adrian Haigh, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations, Gentium

In 2006 Helsinn Group started the partnership with Sobi, through a licensing agreement granting Sobi the rights for distributing Helsinn’s Aloxi, a new generation antiemetic for patients under cancer treatment, in the Nordic countries. The excellent performance achieved with Aloxi resulted in the extension of our partnership and business cooperation in the Cancer Supportive Care franchise with new agreements aimed at improving the quality of life of cancer patients in Northern Europe.

Dr Riccardo Braglia, CEO of the Helsinn Group

Sobi offers a unique distribution platform, which allows us to reach out to all patients in need of our product in the Nordic countries, the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. The company has extensive knowledge of the local markets and expertise within all areas required to launch and sell specialty pharmaceuticals

Luis Mora, Managing Director, PharmaMar S.A. , ... a unique distribution platform

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